As the title goes the journey begins, firstly I would love to thank God that am coming after what I love doing which is to create a social impact to people out there who seldmley give up on gift of life and turn it to a curse and make it seem a burden. By choosing to be blind themselves on how beautiful and wonderful life can be. people keep telling one sided stories of their lives and start drawing conclusion on how wether their life’ is ” bad or good”. About myself, personely I have come to learn that i admire and enjoy creating social impact to people out their who literally seem to have less control on their lives, to people out there who feel like their life a hard puzzle which can’t be put together. To me by doing anything that can add a plus to myself and anyone else out there, thats all that matters,That is what truly puts a big smile on my face, And  precisely this is what life should be about. because that is sort of law of nature, that nothing lives independently apart from God. And as long as we simply go for that one thing that we like, thats when we shall realize more things that we can do with our lives and will shall never stay the same, life won’t seem as aburden or curse at any one point, work will feel like leisure and giving will fell like getting and indeed it is.And so dear readers out there, I would love to inform that this is my first blog post, the first step that I can make within my means to put a stone to this world, and you too can find a purpose with your life.

so to the folks out there who feel that their lives are empty, asking themselves who they are, and what have done in your life? the answer is just simple, just start by dreaming  and imagining  living to your full potential, living creatively and not passively. it is a mistake to think that time has gone and it too late for you to do anything, time is infinite. time is here till the world ends. it is you that is going to die at some point and so you don’t waste time but instead its yourself that you wasting, so make better use of it. And one of the worst thing is comparing yourself with others, I call it keeping up with the “johns”, look, the cow feeds on grass and gets healthy but if a dog eats it, it can even die. so never never judge yourself by looking at others, if they number one that doesn’t make you zero.

so commerades, it is your chance to begin fresh journey in your life, open a new page and turn your life a round. therefore the question would be, where do you start  from? the answer is very simple just by dreaming big and living creatively. because thats totally free and just simple, imagination takes places, lightens your sprit and eventually makes what you what become “as man thinkekth so he is”. finally I would to express my gratitude to those who have read till the end, and I would like to promise you we are taking this fresh knew start together through my following blog posts, till next time.